A Conclusion of Sorts

My year in India is finally coming to a close. A year ago I was receiving all kinds of India related advice, wanted and unwanted, and avoiding conversations with people who seemed like they might react with skepticism or fear when I revealed that I would be moving to India to study water pollution. In […]

In Sight, In Mind: Hidden Visions

Cotton candy clouds fill the night sky and the full moon shines like a ripe peach waiting to be plucked. Jupiter is bright and orange beside it. The grass is lush and green like a moss afro blanketing the land. Sheep graze happily and horses roll in ecstasy on the luscious landscape. A rushing river […]

Chill, Laughing, Jesus.

From the Himalayas, to the Gangetic Plains and the desert, our trip was full of intensity and laughter. We spent 6 days trekking in the Himalayas where our triplet was dubbed chill, laughing, Jesus by our fellow trekkers. We encountered goats, sheep, horses, puppies, lightning, crazy rainstorms, and beautiful sunshine ending with a 14,500 foot […]

A short summary of doings

Last year I was awarded a Fulbright Grant to Varanasi, India to conduct research pertaining to water pollution in the Ganges River and Cultural Language Enhancement Award to study Hindi. Living in Varanasi, said to be the oldest continually inhabited city on Earth, is somewhat indescribable. It is like having all your senses stimulated at […]

In Memory of Grandmother (1931-2018)

When I saw my mom was calling from the United States at 6 A.M., I knew she was about to tell me my Grandmother had passed away. We had all been expecting it, but somehow it was still surprising. Grandma always seemed to just keep on living, despite everything. In India as life has continued […]


Our guide warns us that it would become very loud. It’s 10:30 P.M. and we are standing inside a small temple. Men and women are segregated, with men standing on the right and women standing on the left. Above our heads there are six large bells. Ahead, Sankata Devi is center stage on the alter. […]