Saraswati Puja

Fifty children sit in a row on a narrow, cobble stone alley, all waiting patiently. A strip of cloth has been rolled out on the road like a red carpet to be sat on. Their faces are expectant as Brahmin priests pass out plates made from leaves. There is an impressive display of many people […]

A Glimpse of India

Meir Razzon, a friend of mine from Turkey, visited me in Varanasi. During his time here, we also traveled to Bodh Gaya to see the place where the Buddha was enlightened. Among the things he brought was a camera. These are some of his photos.

The Cobra

Written 11/11/17 Body is twisted like a serpent into an S shape. Knees touching the ground on the right, arms stretched out on either side, head turned to the left, eyes looking at a shoulder that refuses to make contact with the ground. A voice instructs to ‘exhale’ and relax the shoulders but keep the […]

Ram defeats evil!

We are three deep on the light blue scooty when I began to realize I am not exactly sure what I have gotten myself into. Were headed far from my familiar home in Assi Ghat. Though I don’t feel nervous, I wonder what sort of adventure I’ve just agreed to go on. I am with […]